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The Art of Covert Surveillance

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 The Art of Surveillance Southern Recon Agency has spent years developing one of the finest, elite Surveillance Teams in the world. Surveillance is definitely both an Art and a Developed Skill. Now we are not talking about installing CCTV cameras or some retired cop sitting in his car with a camera! I'm not talking about some bystander holding a cell phone either (although a cell phone can be a useful surveillance tool in a pinch, hence the picture above). But we are talking about using Surveillance to gather world class intelligence and accurate facts that could not be obtained through any other method! So here

Tracking Down Missing People

  Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Missing Person Investigations Over the years our Intelligence gathering team has really excelled at the increasingly difficult task of Tracking Down Missing People. Regardless of the circumstances or conditions that lead to the person going missing or in most cases lead to them not wanting to be found, our team of professionals is one of the best in the country at Tracking Down Missing People. Finding people that take great measures and precautions to not be found is truly an acquired skill. Aliases, unreliable or nonexistent paper trails, flagrancy and untraceable phones and emails are just the beginning of an ongoing list of conditions

Child Custody Investigation

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771 Child Custody Investigation What is a Child Custody Investigation? My definition of a Child Custody Investigation is the process in which the evidence is procured which can sway a judge's permanent decision regarding the future and welfare of a parent's children. Child Custody Battles are rarely about what is fair. Often they are about who can make the best case before the judge and prove that they can provide the best environment for their children. In short, a Child Custody case is often about manipulation, good lawyering, deep pockets and favor before the judge. Unfortunately this does not always mean that the children wind

Facebook Investigations

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Social Media Investigations Our Cyber Investigators have been uncovering tremendous amounts of evidence and information through Social Media & Facebook Investigations. Social Media and more specifically Facebook Investigations are becoming more and more common for a variety of civil, domestic, criminal and personal reasons. Facebook Investigations have been used to prove anything and everything from Cheating & Infidelity to a myriad of Major crimes including Theft, Drug Use, Abuse, Harassment and Stalking. There really is no limit to the potential of information gathered from well conducted and thorough Facebook Investigations conducted by seasoned private investigators. Here are a few examples of Social Media and Facebook

Find a GPS tracker on your car

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 GPS Detection | TSCM The use of GPS trackers is more and more prevalent as the devices are becoming easily accessible, smaller and more affordable. So How do you Find a GPS Tracker on Your Car? I have heard customers day everything from "they too their car to a mechanic" to "we searched the whole thing from top to bottom"! The thing is if I placed a GPS on your car, I don't care how well you or your friend who is a mechanic looked for it... You Wont Find It! At least not without the help of one of the few professional private investigators

The Value of Information

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Advanced Information Gathering I am often asked by clients and colleagues "what is the value of information"? Specifically what is the value of information that my team provides? Honestly it is a good question but it is tough to put a dollar amount on it. For example, a few days ago we solved a fraud case that instantly saved a corporate client from paying a $2 million fraudulent claim. Other recent cases involve saving a single working parent over $200k from an unfair judgement. Another involved getting a child out of poor living conditions and reuniting him with his mother who lost custody due to

Electronic Espionage

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Electronic Espionage Whether Corporate, Industrial or Personal, Electronic Espionage has increased drastically over the past few years.  Covert digital eavesdropping devices and cyber intrusion technologies are increasing rapidly and becoming for affordable and accessible to the general public. Because of that, this activity will continue to increase.  Communications, Information and Intangible assets are now the most valuable and accessible targets for most types of Electronic Espionage. Electronic Espionage goes far beyond the training, expertise and capabilities of nearly all IT professionals in the typical corporate setting.  A comprehensive security plan includes two completely distinct areas of specialization that incorporates both TSCM and Cyber security specialists.

Location Tracking via Email

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Disable Location Tracking As licensed private investigators specializing in technical security, we are constantly aware of the technologically advanced schemes that are commonly used to intrude upon our personal and professional privacy.  For example, state of the art electronic tracking bugs are increasingly being planted into email allowing companies to use Location Tracking via Email.  These “tracking pixels" are often invisible and can be covertly inserted into any email or into hyperlinks embedded in a message.  Either method is nearly undetectable and not only allows Location Tracking via Email but the specific details of what device you are using! This process is usually benign and commonly

What is High-Tech Surveillance?

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   What is High-Tech Surveillance? The use of High-Tech Surveillance is probably the most crucial factor in nearly all Orlando Private Investigations. But the classic "Gum Shoe" investigative techniques and antiquated gear involving a guy in his car with just a video camera has little to no place in the modern investigative world. It's no secret that the traditional investigative methods of surveillance are outdated, ineffective and effectively obsolete! Modern situations can only be solved with a modern solution! So how is "High-Tech Surveillance" the solution? High-Tech Surveillance leverages the use of "high-tech" technology enabling a private investigator to cover more ground, in less