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Insider Theft

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Insider Theft Investigations Insider theft in an organization or company originates from people within the organization; they can be employees, prior employees, contractors or various types of business associates who are privy to inside information concerning the organization's security practices, merchandise, inventory, finances, data and computer systems. The single greatest threat to a successful company comes from the inside. Various form of Insider Theft can include: Employee Theft Data Breach Intellectual Property Theft Corporate Espionage Fraud Industry Sabotage Cargo Theft Insider Theft from Employees There are countless ways where employees can steal from an employer.  Depending on the type of business, common ways include taking

Winning Child Custody Battles

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Child Custody Battles Unfortunately, Children are the the innocent by-standers of Child Custody Battles.  To say that Child Custody Battles create a stressful time for both the parents and the children is an understatement.  A licensed private investigation firm with specific knowledge in the laws pertaining to Child Custody is your best asset in fighting Child Custody Battles.  At Southern Recon Agency in Orlando, our co-owner and lead investigator is the only full time practicing investigator/attorney in the state with nearly 2 decades of family law experience.  In addition, he was also appointed by the Supreme Court to serve as a Family General Magistrate and Child

Illegal Wiretap Detection

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Illegal Wiretap Detection One of the easiest and most effective methods of corporate espionage and intercepting business communications is via land line phone systems. Conducting routine Illegal Wiretap Detection and TSCM procedures is the only reliable and affordable method to ensuring that none of your business’ phone conversations are being illegally intercepted. Some of the most common types of attacks that conducting Illegal Wiretap Detection will either identify or prevent are: Unused Wiring: It is common for most phone systems to provide more wires than what the actual phones require. Most phones operate on 2-6 wires and all standard phone cords carry 8 wires. These extra

The Art of Covert Surveillance

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 The Art of Surveillance Southern Recon Agency has spent years developing one of the finest, elite Surveillance Teams in the world. Surveillance is definitely both an Art and a Developed Skill. Now we are not talking about installing CCTV cameras or some retired cop sitting in his car with a camera! I'm not talking about some bystander holding a cell phone either (although a cell phone can be a useful surveillance tool in a pinch, hence the picture above). But we are talking about using Surveillance to gather world class intelligence and accurate facts that could not be obtained through any other method! So here

Tracking Down Missing People

  Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Missing Person Investigations Over the years our Intelligence gathering team has really excelled at the increasingly difficult task of Tracking Down Missing People. Regardless of the circumstances or conditions that lead to the person going missing or in most cases lead to them not wanting to be found, our team of professionals is one of the best in the country at Tracking Down Missing People. Finding people that take great measures and precautions to not be found is truly an acquired skill. Aliases, unreliable or nonexistent paper trails, flagrancy and untraceable phones and emails are just the beginning of an ongoing list of conditions

Child Custody Investigation

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771 Child Custody Investigation What is a Child Custody Investigation? My definition of a Child Custody Investigation is the process in which the evidence is procured which can sway a judge's permanent decision regarding the future and welfare of a parent's children. Child Custody Battles are rarely about what is fair. Often they are about who can make the best case before the judge and prove that they can provide the best environment for their children. In short, a Child Custody case is often about manipulation, good lawyering, deep pockets and favor before the judge. Unfortunately this does not always mean that the children wind

Facebook Investigations

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Social Media Investigations Our Cyber Investigators have been uncovering tremendous amounts of evidence and information through Social Media & Facebook Investigations. Social Media and more specifically Facebook Investigations are becoming more and more common for a variety of civil, domestic, criminal and personal reasons. Facebook Investigations have been used to prove anything and everything from Cheating & Infidelity to a myriad of Major crimes including Theft, Drug Use, Abuse, Harassment and Stalking. There really is no limit to the potential of information gathered from well conducted and thorough Facebook Investigations conducted by seasoned private investigators. Here are a few examples of Social Media and Facebook

Using the Internet to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771   Cheating Spouse Investigators So you think your partner is cheating on your via a dating website, secret app or social media? Unfortunately you may have no idea where to even begin looking. Our team of Infidelity Investigators are experts at Using the Internet to Catch a Cheating Spouse. You don't have to know everything there is to know about dating sites, apps and social media sites our experts can find our 100% if your partner is having an affair using some type of website or app from a computer or phone! How Much Does it Cost? While Using the Internet to Catch a Cheating

Find a GPS tracker on your car

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 GPS Detection | TSCM The use of GPS trackers is more and more prevalent as the devices are becoming easily accessible, smaller and more affordable. So How do you Find a GPS Tracker on Your Car? I have heard customers day everything from "they too their car to a mechanic" to "we searched the whole thing from top to bottom"! The thing is if I placed a GPS on your car, I don't care how well you or your friend who is a mechanic looked for it... You Wont Find It! At least not without the help of one of the few professional private investigators

The Value of Information

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Advanced Information Gathering I am often asked by clients and colleagues "what is the value of information"? Specifically what is the value of information that my team provides? Honestly it is a good question but it is tough to put a dollar amount on it. For example, a few days ago we solved a fraud case that instantly saved a corporate client from paying a $2 million fraudulent claim. Other recent cases involve saving a single working parent over $200k from an unfair judgement. Another involved getting a child out of poor living conditions and reuniting him with his mother who lost custody due to

Electronic Espionage

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Electronic Espionage Whether Corporate, Industrial or Personal, Electronic Espionage has increased drastically over the past few years.  Covert digital eavesdropping devices and cyber intrusion technologies are increasing rapidly and becoming for affordable and accessible to the general public. Because of that, this activity will continue to increase.  Communications, Information and Intangible assets are now the most valuable and accessible targets for most types of Electronic Espionage. Electronic Espionage goes far beyond the training, expertise and capabilities of nearly all IT professionals in the typical corporate setting.  A comprehensive security plan includes two completely distinct areas of specialization that incorporates both TSCM and Cyber security specialists.

Hacking Investigations

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Forensic Hacking Investigations Is your computer or phone hacked? Do you honestly even know how to find out? The real answer is NO! Your buddy who works in the IT department cant help you and hacking investigations are definitely not a do it yourself scenario. Hacking Investigations are difficult, time consuming and always evolving to keep up with the technological advances in international cyber-crimes. We get calls every day asking us about Hacking Investigations and my first question is always "Why do you want to know?" I know it seems like a dumb question, but if we can definitively prove your computer was hacked and

Investigating Child Custody

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 INVESTIGATING CHILD CUSTODY Investigating Child Custody in Florida is arguably the most difficult and challenging area of domestic private investigations. Child Custody Investigations are high-stakes, long term investigations that can have permanent effects on both parents and children and should only be conducted by the most skillful private investigators. Investigating child custody cases requires superior knowledge, experience and the most advanced surveillance equipment and research databases in order to ensure that the evidence you need to win your case is not just found, but gathered in accordance with all local, state and federal laws. Our investigators keep one thing in mind while Investigating Child Custody

Location Tracking via Email

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Disable Location Tracking As licensed private investigators specializing in technical security, we are constantly aware of the technologically advanced schemes that are commonly used to intrude upon our personal and professional privacy.  For example, state of the art electronic tracking bugs are increasingly being planted into email allowing companies to use Location Tracking via Email.  These “tracking pixels" are often invisible and can be covertly inserted into any email or into hyperlinks embedded in a message.  Either method is nearly undetectable and not only allows Location Tracking via Email but the specific details of what device you are using! This process is usually benign and commonly

5 Warning Signs of a Stalker

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Identifying a Stalker If you think you may have a Stalker, chances are you are probably right. But how can you be sure? What are the Warning Signs of a Stalker? Our team of Orlando Private Investigators has been working on Stalking & Harassment Investigations for years and has noticed the similarities in both the circumstances leading to and the warning signs of a stalker. 5 Warning Signs of a Stalker: 1 - Revenge for Failed Relationship, Business Deal or Competitor or Neighborhood Dispute. If someone is out for revenge and you have been in one of these situations, you are at a high risk

Child Custody Investigator

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 ORLANDO CHILD CUSTODY INVESTIGATOR Going before a judge unprepared can result in an irreversible decision leaving your children in a hazardous and sometimes permanent situation with an unfit parent. If you are involved in a child custody battle, you need to be prepared to step into court with evidence that can effect the courts decision on your behalf. Remember this isn't just for you, it's for the well being of your kids! There is no do it yourself option like filing taxes or painting your shed. You need an expert Orlando Child Custody Investigator to guide you through the process and provide you with the

The Best Private Investigators in Orlando

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771   The Best Private Investigators in Orlando What makes our investigation agency the The Best Private Investigators in Orlando? For starters, we simply hire and train the best private investigators in Orlando to work on our team. Southern Recon Agency has one of the top proprietary private investigative training programs in the country. To be the best private investigators they have to learn from the best private investigators and we bring in some of the top investigators from around the world to work one on one with our developing staff. Also, we figured out that the best private investigators need to have access to the

Infidelity Investigation FAQs

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771   Infidelity Investigation FAQs: Based on our years of experience as an Orlando Private Investigators and having solved hundreds of infidelity cases, we noticed that over time the same questions seem to keep coming up. In order to help simplify the process for someone considering hiring an Orlando private investigator we put together a list of the most common infidelity investigation FAQs asked by our prospective clients. Remember it is OK to have questions. This can potentially be a life changing decision and you want this process handled by professionals. If you suspect your partner of cheating, please review our Infidelity Investigation FAQs below to

Is Your Partner Cheating on You?

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   Is Your Partner Cheating on You? The ability to accurately determine if your partner is cheating on you requires the skills of an experienced private investigator. If your partner is cheating on you, they will stop at nothing to keep their affairs hidden. Only a seasoned investigator will be able to provide you with the indisputable evidence you need to know for certain if your partner is cheating on you. We know that one of the most painful and devastating things you can encounter in life is to suspect that your partner is cheating on you and to not know for certain. Even the idea

6 Signs She’s Cheating

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   6 Signs She's Cheating on You As an Orlando Private Investigator I have found that women are often much more secretive and careful than men. Making their behaviors more difficult to categorize into easily devised Signs She's Cheating. However, if you look for certain signs she's cheating, you will learn how to find them. Based on years of experience catching thousands of the craftiest women in the act. My team has determined that there are a few specific signs she's cheating that have proven to be the most reliable and accurate: She dresses Sexier (Sexier clothes, underwear or lingerie... but not necessarily for

7 Signs He’s Cheating

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   7 Signs He's Cheating on You As an Orlando private investigator, my team and I have solved thousands of Infidelity cases. Clients ask us all the time, "what are the most common signs he's cheating?" There are literally thousands of articles and blogs titled "Signs He's Cheating" and we found many of them to be inaccurate and written by people with no actually professional knowledge on the subject. Based on years of experience investigating Infidelity as an Orlando Private Investigator, I consider these 7 Signs He's Cheating on you to be the most relevant & accurate: Sudden Behavioral Change: Often you can't put

Catching Identity Thieves

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771 Catching Identity Thieves In Florida, Identity Thieves are as common as they are difficult to catch. Identity thieves work in the shadows and on the internet to steal identifying information about their unsuspecting victims. Our forensic specialists have the experience and resources to trace and eventually identify these criminals. We can follow the trail of digital “bread crumbs” typically left behind that can lead directly to the culprit. It is critical to initiate an identity theft investigation as soon as possible because the Identity Thieves will not linger, and will usually move on to other victims in a very short period of time. Our

Signs of Cheating

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   Signs of Cheating Based on years of experience as Orlando Private Investigators, we have learned there are some definite warning signs or "signs of cheating" to tell your partner is having an affair. These Signs of Cheating do not necessarily prove adultery. What they do prove is that your partner is showing all the Signs of Cheating and needs to be investigated by a professional. The Signs of Cheating are limited only by the imaginations of the cheater as they attempt to cover their tracks. However, based on our years of experience and hundreds of solved infidelity cases, these are most common Signs

Covert Surveillance

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   Covert Surveillance | Florida As a seasoned Orlando Private Investigator, I have learned first hand what the limitations are to traditional investigative techniques. It's a modern world with modern issues that require sophisticated solutions. A problem can't be solved at the same level of thinking that created it! Likewise an investigation can not be solved at the same level of thinking! As a private investigator I have had to evolve and always stay 1 step ahead of our targets! The use of various forms of Covert Surveillance is now the cornerstone in the majority of our Private Investigations. SRA is now the industry

What Is Due Diligence

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   DUE DILIGENCE INVESTIGATIONS Orlando Business and Investment Opportunities WHAT IS DUE DILIGENCE? If you are contemplating a new partnership, joint venture, merger, or corporate restructure in Orlando, Tampa or anywhere in Florida, you need to consider the benefits of a due diligence investigation. In today’s challenging economy and the resulting delicate business environment, timely, accurate and professional intelligence isn’t merely an option…it’s an absolute necessity. Due diligence essentially describes a duty to exercise care in investigating and evaluating any business opportunity no matter how small or large it might be. It is also important because of the possibility of a third party lawsuit

Hiring a Private Investigator

Hiring a Private Investigator Most people have never hired a private investigator before. Based on years of experience as an Orlando Private Investigator, we decided to list what our Private Investigation Agency believes are the most important factors to consider before hiring a Private Investigator in Orlando or anywhere in Florida. Licensing: Do not Hire a Private Investigator that is not licensed in Florida. Also, private investigators should have 2 license numbers, their personal license (Which they must carry at all times) and the license for the Agency they work for. It is illegal to hire a private investigator that does not possess both licenses in Florida. SRA ensures all private investigators are licensed, insured

Online Child Predators

  Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   ONLINE CHILD PREDATORS It happens all the time. Cyber-crimes are becoming very common. Even worse, it seems every day a new story about an online child predator is on the national broadcast news. Particularly in regards to children, cyber-security and internet privacy issues must be brought to the forefront. I agree, children need a certain degree of freedom in their social lives. There is clearly a difference between using discreetly monitoring their social network activity, and stifling their ability to learn and grow in our tech oriented world. Reality of Online Child Predators Online child predators are very real, often very smart, and

Undercover Investigations

Undercover Investigations It's an art that not many private investigators have perfected and it's a line that few have either been brave enough or dumb enough to cross. When surveillance, background checks, in depth research, social media, computer forensics and all other traditional methods come up empty regardless of  how well they were conducted. Often the only way to uncover the evidence needed to solve a tough case comes from Undercover Investigations. Orlando Undercover Investigations Undercover Investigations are both an acquired skill and a God-given gift. As an Orlando Private Investigator, I learned that 50% of being a great undercover operative comes from training, knowledge and developing a certain skill set through real world experience. The

Affair Vs. Faithful | Cheating Spouse Investigator

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 407-502-5225 Having an Affair vs. Faithful We get calls and emails almost every day from concerned spouses and partners in the Orlando areas that are worried their significant other is having an Affair. You don’t want to believe that your partner is having an affair and in most cases all you want to do is prove that they are not. But there are certain indicators that you just can’t ignore. It all boils down to the fact that you need to know if you can still trust this person. This leads to the most common question; “Do you guys ever find out that the person

# 1 Private Investigator Orlando

Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Rated # 1 Private Investigator in Orlando How I became the # 1 Private Investigator in Orlando in 2015 Private Investigators are considered to be top tier professionals, brought in to solve difficult cases and resolve situations that often are tied to an major legal or financial outcome. Private Investigators are experts at gathering and securing info and evidence. It is a competitive industry filled with ex cops, federal agents and military. That being said, I was very humbled and shocked to find out that I was named as the # 1 Private Investigator in Orlando and to my surprise, also the # 1 Private Investigator in

Background Investigations

 Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 407-502-5225 5 Advantages to Background Investigations It should be a requirement for any licensed Orlando Private Investigator to have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges employers face in today’s global marketplace.  An efficient screening program paired with periodic  background investigations is critical to the profitable operation of any business. As an Orlando Private Investigator, our job is to utilize Background Investigations guide your business on the path to success by eliminating as much of the “unknowns” and "dangers" as possible. Consider the 5 primary reasons why the Orlando private investigators at SRA are successful using Background Investigations to save businesses money including: Liability issues, workplace violence