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Nobody likes being cheated on, but many still have to face it. While finding out about your partner’s disloyalty may be deeply unnerving, it’s also important to be aware of the truth. Ignorance of the red flags can lead you into an emotionally dangerous and draining situation. It’s better to spot the signs early and mentally prepare yourself for a bad ending.

In any case, ignorance isn’t bliss for long when it comes to relationships. However, you can’t easily spot such development in many cases. Falsely accusing your partner of cheating when there’s an entirely different story going on can be even more jeopardizing.

If you’re suspicious about your partner’s possible affairs with another person, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to see what you can do if you’re wary of your partner.

Indicators That You May Have A Cheating Spouse


  • Strange calls, texts or voice mails
  • Deleted Text Messages
  • Browser history / cookies deleted
  • Leaves the room to talk on phone
  • Delay in returning calls & texts
  • Strange & deleted emails
  • Decreased sexual interest
  • Attending work functions alone
  • Emotionally distant
  • Irregular inquiries to your schedule
  • Privately doing laundry
  • Change in grooming habits

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Cheating Husband in Orlando, FL

If you think your husband may be cheating on you, look out for these signs:

An Extra Load of Attentiveness

Cheaters tend to pay a lot of attention to their surroundings. When you’re nearby, your husband will do his best to keep you distracted from noticing anything that’s off. There will be lots of romantic talks, gifts, kisses, and more attention than usual for your relationship.

This is because cheaters naturally feel inclines to continually cover-up for their secret time spent with their secret partner. If your man is cheating, he’ll do his best to make you feel loved. And while he won’t notice, you’ll definitely see that the romance isn’t typical. An occasional overdose of romance may not indicate cheating, but the regular unusualness does mean something’s wrong.

Being Too Particular About Privacy

Privacy has one of the finest boundaries when it comes to relationships. You never know when you’re crossing your partner’s preferred limits and invading their personal space. Checking each other’s phones, social media, sharing passwords, knowing about friends, etc. is essential in many relationships.

It’s important to let your partner in on your private matters, even if it’s only to an extent. If your partner refuses to cooperate, especially when he didn’t mind before, there may be something going on. They’ll put their phone away, hide things from you, and even get irritated when you touch their belongings.

Not Complimenting You Like They Used to

This one has to set off the alarms straight away. Serious and committed partners should never stop admiring how good you look even when you’re a complete mess. If you have to put in consistent effort and still hardly receive compliments, it’s definitely unsettling.

Your mate has probably lost interest in you or, worse; they may be comparing you to someone else. You will have to struggle to believe that you’re still as special to him as when you first got together. This can be extremely disheartening, but it’s also one of the most evident signs of cheating.

Picking Unnecessary Fights

Being in a relationship with a cheater will also mean that your partner deliberately looks for openings to ruin your bonding. He picks fights over non-issues and purposely exaggerates things, too. This way, the cheater gets an excuse to end the relationship or get enough space for his secret affair.

As for the fights, they don’t have a reason most of the time. It could be the dinner, your new hair color, your child’s bad grade, or literally any regular occurrence. For someone who’s looking for a loophole, there is plenty to use for an escape. If you try to talk it out or change yourself, your partner still blames you for something else.


Cheating Wife in Orlando, FL


Usually, a cheating spouse will show similar signs regardless of gender. However, if you’re worried about your wife cheating, look out for these signs in particular:

Discussing Their Other Partner

Chances are that you may know your partner’s ‘other’ partner. It could be a colleague, a friend, or any other mutual you both know. Whenever anyone discusses them for even the vaguest reasons, your wife may behave pretty differently. She can try to force the conversation further, or she may act too nonchalant. She may also look irritated or subtly feel alarmed.

All these are just different ways a cheater covers up her feelings. If you pay enough attention, you’ll notice a lot of warning signs. Moreover, your woman may act quite differently around the secret partner. Being close to her, it isn’t too hard to notice such changes.

Behavioral Changes

The overall behavior of your partner also changes when she’s in a relationship with someone else. One of the earliest signs is a pang of constant guilt and low self-esteem. Your partner also acts distant and withdrawn to stay isolated from you. They’re startled when you talk to them while they appear lost in their own thoughts.

Slowly, the influence of the new partner dawns on your mate as well. Mistaking where things are placed, mixing up your preferences, etc. all become a norm. Moodiness often prevails, and your partner makes up excuses to spend some time alone. Your concerns stop mattering to her, and you aren’t a first or unconditional priority anymore.

Accusing You of Cheating

The culprit also tends to victimize herself. One of the easiest ways to do this is by reversing the blame on their loyal and unsuspecting partner. Your wife will also find excuses to accuse you of having secret affairs when in reality, she’s the guilty one. The trick works to destabilize your emotional and moral compass.

If you aren’t mentally strong enough, you’ll find yourself off guard. You’ll have to prove your own innocence instead of showing your mate’s promiscuity. This ruins all the trust, confidence, sense of security, comfort, love, and all other positive aspects of your relationship.

Not Interested in Carrying the Relationship Further

Does the love of your life jokingly mention an end to the relationship? Even if they do so, make sure you don’t brush it off as a joke. Not even once. Committed partners never take their jokes to such a sensitive level. If your partner stops caring for you or your children like before, it’s a sign that a possible ending is near. Your wife may also threaten about leaving you when they’re angry or upset. Sooner or later, this becomes a reality in a lot of cases.


What Can You Do If Your Spouse is Cheating?

If you’re suspecting your spouse of having an affair, don’t just sit in your doubt. The longer you do so, the more you’ll worry about yourself. Always living in paranoia can drive you crazy and may push you to do unusual things like following your partner around all day.

Instead, you can do these things if you suspect you have a cheating spouse in Orlando, Florida:

Talk To Them

This one is pretty obvious. If you suspect your partner is cheating, try bringing up your concerns with him. However, suppose your partner has been cheating consistently. In that case, the chances are that they’ll deny these accusations, leading to a nasty fight.

If your partner denies cheating on you, but you’re still not convinced, you’ll need proof.

Talk To Your Mutuals

If your partner’s been cheating, then there’s probably someone that knows about it. Most of the time, a cheating spouse will have some help – a friend to help cover them.

To gather some proof, you can try talking to some mutual friends you and your spouse have. Some of them may have noticed some unusual behavior and may have some insights into your partner’s activities.

Hire A Private Investigator

If you want concrete evidence that your partner is cheating, hire a private investigator. A PI is an individual trained to look at clues and determine the truth. Usually, people hire PIs to check on their spouses, find a missing person, or perform background checks.

It’s super easy to find a PI, especially in Orlando, Florida. The chances are that the PI you hire will have looked into potentially cheating spouses before too because, let’s face it, it’s not an uncommon occurrence.

A PI will be able to get you proof in the form of pictures or a false alibi. With this in hand, you have a better chance of confronting your partner.

Other Behavioral Indicators of a Cheating Spouse


  • Emotionally distant
  • Sudden increase in time away from home
  • Unavailable at work
  • Attending work functions alone
  • Irregular inquiries about your schedule
  • Additional mileage on car


  • Clothes contain unusual smells (perfume, oils etc…)
  • Clothes contain smudges or residue
  • Privately doing laundry
  • Change in appearance or grooming habits
  • Cialis or Viagra usage increase
  • Gas purchases from different locations


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