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A complete & thorough Business Due Diligence Investigation is the critical first step taken before committing to any investment, merger, acquisition or business opportunity in Orlando. Even if you think you know the person very well, if considering a new partnership, joint venture, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, purchasing a business or even a personal loan, a comprehensive due diligence investigation is vital.

SRA is centrally located in Orlando, Florida and provides Expert Due Diligence Investigations throughout the state of Florida. Our lead investigator is a practicing attorney who has handled hundreds business law cases and is back up by a team of investigators with decades of business development and investigative experience. No other private investigators offers such insight, expertise and comprehensive understanding of the issues that arise in conducting Business Due Diligence Investigations.


In our challenging economy and highly competitive business environment, timely, accurate and professional intelligence isn’t merely an option…it’s a necessity. DON’T rely on the thousands of cheap online companies offering “Background Checks” & “Due Diligence Investigations”. They are simply a compilation of superficial public record searches that you can easily conduct on your own if you have the time. Personal and business information relative to a new party or business enterprise should include at a minimum:


  • Professional & personal work history including omissions & misrepresentations on a resume
  • Professional & personal social media research
  • National criminal court case history including domestic violence and drugs
  • National civil court history including judgments, liens, foreclosures and bankruptcies
  • Regulatory records and professional licenses
  • Undisclosed corporate ownership interests
  • A trail of failed businesses and companies

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We have access to thousands of highly secure, international databases that provide information only available to those with thorough, comprehensive security clearance. Our Orlando Due Diligence investigations often include detailed interviews with neighbors, associates and former co-workers. We can also conduct a covert, in depth Corporate Due Diligence Investigation into the day to day operations surreptitiously detailing and recording the inner workings from inside of the business itself. You need to take all the necessary steps available to discover important issues that can affect your decision whether to enter into a merger, acquisition or new business venture.


Before investing in a new business, buying an existing company, considering mergers and acquisitions or even lending a substantial amount of money to a longtime friend, you should always conduct a thorough Due Diligence investigation.

At SRA in Orlando, Florida we know every case is different and each due diligence investigation is customized to meet the needs of your situation. Regardless of how unique or difficult, SRA has the tools and experience to professionally handle your case. For a free consultation or to get started right away call us at 407-502-5225.

Southern Recon Agency is a licensed Private Investigation Agency based and serving all of Florida, License # A-1400197

For a free consultation with a Licensed Private Investigator or to get started right away call us at 844-307-7771 or 407-502-5225 or email us at Investigations@srecon.com.


Mark A., Tampa, FL | Attorney, 16 years

I have worked with Southern Recon on several investigations. He is an excellent investigator who always gets the job done no matter how complex or dangerous the situation. His fees are very reasonable and he usually puts in more hours than he gets paid for in order to make sure he does a professional job. I highly recommend Southern Recon Agency.

Tina G., Ontario, Canada

Matt provided me with superior service. He handled my investigation in a very professional manner and was always available for me 24/7. He helped solve my case and provided me with accurate evidence proving the suspicion of my husband’s infidelity. I highly recommend his services. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for his services!

Chris G., Tampa, Fl

I requested a background investigation on person that I was looking to conduct business with. I corresponded with the professionals at the Agency over email and the telephone. At no time, was I confused or concern about the process of this investigation. The process was thoroughly explained. Matt Aubin potentially saved me thousands of dollars by giving me an accurate understanding of who I was looking to do business with. Needless to say, I will not be conducting any business with this individual. I am extremely grateful for the work performed by Matt and the agency. It was worth every penny. The level of service provided exceeded my expectations.

Donnie C., Orlando, Fl

These folks are professional and will get results for you quickly. They are not the run of the mill grinding hours for billing people that often fill this profession. Thanks!