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Divorce can be one of the most excruciating experiences for a family to go through. A divorce doesn’t only cause conflict and rift between two individuals, but the results of such an act can directly affect the children as well.

In such cases, one of the issues that arise is of custody. Parents, once divorced, wish to have the sole custody of their children. They become even warier of joint custody when they have extreme trust issues regarding the behavior of their ex-partners with their children.

Treatment of a parent towards children is taken into high consideration when it comes to custody cases.

In normal circumstances, parents have joint custody of children. This is where both parents are responsible for the upbringing of the children. However, in cases where a parent has abusive tendencies, and the other parent knows that their ex-partner is not reliable enough, they can file for sole custody.

To prove that the other parent is not capable and getting sole custody, seeking the help of a private investigator can prove to be helpful.

A private investigator can help you know whether or not the other parent is treating the children appropriately by using multiple investigative methods.

What Can A Private Investigator Do in Child Custody Investigations in Orlando, FL

Interviewing the Witnesses

One of the tactics an investigator uses is learning about the people living around the child. They may investigate or interview people near the children to seek the truth. People like neighbors, teachers, and friends can prove to be extremely helpful in such cases. They can provide the right information about the child’s mental health, physical fitness, social behavior, and academic performance.

Collecting Evidence

A private investigator can help you find substantial evidence against the other parent. With evidence, you can prove the other’s parent negligent attitude towards the children’s upbringing.  An example of a negligent attitude is a parent not giving the child proper time during their scheduled hours.

Similarly, the investigator can find evidence of a parent using alcohol or drugs, which can affect the child’s health consequently. If this is the case, the investigator can take pictures or videos of the concerned parent in public areas to catch them doing illegal or shady activities, which can help you make your case stronger.

Doing the Background Check

A private investigator can carry out background checks on the other parent too. A background check of your ex-partner may include a history of their behavior or their phone call records. Essentially, a private investigator will try to help you prove the incapability of your ex-partner.

Private investigators also carry out background checks on people in contact with the other parent. If the other parent is exposing your children to people with criminal backgrounds, it can help your case.

Surveillance of the Other Parent

Surveillance of the other parent can determine if they are partaking in any questionable activities. This can include instances such as the other parent being unable to meet the requirements of the child’s custody agreement. If this is the case, then it can be brought up in court.

Non-declaration of Assets

If the concerned parent has not declared some of their assets, then their character can be called into question in court, and this can raise many questions.

An investigator can be helpful in this regard because they can find out if the parent has hidden any assets.

Other than that, if your ex-partner is a reckless driver, this can go against them in court. This will show that they cannot be trusted with the children.

Locating Your Child

If your ex-partner has sole custody of the children, you may now not have any idea where your child is.  Luckily, a private investigator can help you out locate your child. The investigator can also help you find out the condition of your child and help you find out if your ex-partner is treating your child well.

If the other parent is not treating your children well, you can claim custody of your child. To do this, all you need to do is share the relevant evidence that your investigator has been able to find.


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Child Custody Investigator Orlando Knows FAQ:

Will My Kids Be Safe?

You may wonder if your kid will remain safe if you hire a private investigator. In particular, you may be worried if your child will be unsettled during the investigation.

If this is the case, don’t worry! Investigators don’t investigate the children or interact with them. Instead, they investigate the people around the children.

So, you need not be worried about the investigation because your children will not be involved directly.

Will Information Given by A PI Hold Up in Court?

Yes, the information that a private investigator gives can hold up in the court.

To ensure you face no problems, you have to be wary of who you choose as your private investigator.

If you choose an investigator who is new to the field, then your ex-partner’s lawyer can make the evidence provided null and void in mere seconds. The lawyer may call the investigator to appear in the court and question them about the concerning evidence.

If the private investigator is new and does not have a lot of courtroom experience, they can become confused when questioned in court. If they make a mistake in court, it may cause some complications in your child custody case.

If both parents can’t reach an agreement, you need to be prepared in the event your case goes before a judge. Indisputable video evidence is often the critical factor in child custody investigations particularly when a spouse demonstrates neglectful or criminal behavior, substance abuse, association with criminals or unsuitable living conditions for a child.

When gathering evidence for child custody investigations, you need to be sure that your evidence will be admissible in court.  The rules of presenting evidence in Florida are very complicated and our investigators have worked hundreds of child custody investigations and know exactly what behaviors to document in order to provide you with the evidence necessary to strengthen your case in court.


If your children are not in your custody, and you believe that your ex-partner is not trustworthy either, then you can hire a private investigator.

A private investigator can help you find evidence against the other parent, and thus help you get the custody of your child.

You can get full custody of your children if you think that the other parent is being negligent. With the help of an investigator, you may have a higher chance of winning

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