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Southern Recon Agency is home to a diverse team of highly trained investigators, including Florida’s top female investigators. We provide clients with the best solution to find hidden truths, reveal true motives, and change the outcome of various situations, and sometimes a female PI is an ideal partner to accomplish the mission. Women tend to have higher emotional intelligence, leading to more sensitive interactions with clients that can raise comfort and help them make difficult decisions associated with private investigations.

Partner With Female Private Investigators

Our agency boasts some of the greatest minds in the modern intelligence field. Among these decorated professionals is Holly Taylor, our director of investigations. In addition to being a Florida-certified private investigator, Holly is experienced in forensic testimonial evidence recovery and family law court testimony, making her the ideal investigator in various circumstances. You want the best private investigators working with you when the stakes are high. In many cases, the private investigator you choose can alter the results of investigations, making the difference between a closed case, missed window, or finding the whole truth. Southern Recon Agency has frequently resolved thousands of cases, acting as a resource to news stations and law enforcement.

Highly Trained Investigators

Our female investigators and their male counterparts receive extensive training and certifications to equip them for any circumstance, from conducting interviews to mitigating active shooter threats and analyzing digital evidence. Each investigator with Southern Recon has obtained thousands of field hours, completing cases on various levels. 

Renowned Expertise

Our private investigators have successfully closed more than 3,000 investigations, providing our team with unsurpassed knowledge and expertise. SRA is an industry resource, consulting with news networks, law enforcement, and government agencies to deliver expert consultation. Partnering with our agency offers clients efficient, exhaustive results that can be trusted in any circumstance.

Unmatched Investigative Resources

Southern Recon’s investigators utilize government-grade technology and equipment and advanced programs and software, to mitigate cyber threats, collect evidence with precision, and achieve a wider range of tasks to meet client needs.

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Why Hire A Female Private Investigator?

Alimony Reduction

Private investigators can gather evidence you may not have been able to gather on your own, providing documentation of hidden assets, photo evidence, and proof that an ex-spouse is taking advantage of the alimony system. Court-admissible evidence can be taken to a judge for consideration, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars each month.

Missing Persons

Whether you need to locate a runaway teenager, find a deadbeat parent who owes years in back child support, or locate a witness or defendant, private investigators can help. Southern Recon Agency has a remarkable history of successfully finding our target individual, with a team devoted to locating missing people regardless of the reason.

Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations require the most seasoned investigators with extensive expertise reviewing criminal cases for legal accuracy, completeness, and procedures. Southern Recon’s criminal defense investigators have worked to support prosecution and defense, so we are just as versed with taking a case apart as building one.

Cheating Spouse & Divorce

Few matters are more sensitive than infidelity, so private investigators must operate with the utmost discretion and professionalism to prevent negative encounters or prematurely revealing the investigation. Our services allow clients to identify cheating spouse situations, hidden intentions, and other vital information.

Professional Surveillance

Southern Recon’s state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and technology allows our experts to perform unmatched surveillance and data collection. Our expertise and experience provide case-changing data for companies and individuals to resolve various issues.

Background Screenings

Our background checks allow private parties and companies to perform thorough research on potential hiring candidates, ensure their children are around the proper audience, and avoid mistakes associated with trusting the wrong people. Background checks dive into social media accounts, and public and non-public records and extract anything you should know before making a decision.

Online Security

Southern Recon’s expertise and extensive training with security systems, digital networks, and cyber operations let us perform advanced security testing to fortify communications and prevent intrusive actions.

Evidence Reporting & Collection

Digital and physical evidence can have a major impact on various occasions. Private investigations can support civil and legal claims, supporting law enforcement agencies and attorneys seeking the truth.

Computer Forensics & Digital Analysis

In many cases, digital evidence can be more potent than physical proof. Computer forensics offers detailed accounts of online activity, highlighting misconduct and allowing clients to uncover the truth in most situations.

Fraud & Identity Theft

Once a criminal has committed fraud or identity theft, there is a narrow window of opportunity to resolve the issue and recover stolen finances or assets. Our team specializes in incident response for identity theft and related situations, offering fast resolutions to critical issues.

Unmatched Investigation Services

Our female private investigators and their male counterparts provide the highest level of expertise and unmatched resources, giving clients a more efficient and thorough product. Southern Recon Agency is devoted to understanding clients and providing the best solutions for every case.

Southern Recon Agency is a licensed Private Investigation Agency based and serving all of Florida, License # A-1400197

For a free consultation with a Licensed Private Investigator or to get started right away call us at 844-307-7771 or 407-502-5225 or email us at Investigations@srecon.com.

En estimates 25-35% of private investigators are female, with their male colleagues accounting for 65-75% of the PI workforce. According to Zippia, this number has grown in the last decade, but women are still a valued resource in the private investigations industry.

Private investigation services can become expensive rather quickly, but the result could be a life-altering discovery, case-changing evidence, or company-saving revelations. Finding an experienced, licensed private investigation agency is key, whether the matter pertains to a business, large company, or individual clients. It’s also important to ensure the agency you work with has prior experience with matters similar to yours, showing they understand your position and the best course of action. Hiring a less-experienced investigator may save you hourly, but seasoned investigators will often provide a better result more efficiently. With assistance from the right private detective, you can reach the desired results sooner rather than later.

As seen with most professional services, there is a significant cost difference between certain investigative services. On the low end, investigators advertise rates as low as $75, with other agencies charging $150 and up. While some private investigators post their pricing online with enticing rates, there are usually hidden fees and expenses associated with their low hourly rates. These agencies often leave travel expenses, operating costs, and other components from the initial budget, altering the assignment cost mid-mission or after completion. when clients may already be struggling. Not to mention, results are never the same between inexperienced investigators and someone with many years of expertise.

The last thing a client wants after a drawn-out court case, custody battle, or life-changing investigation is unexpected expenses and an untrustworthy private detective. That’s why Southern Recon Agency initiates each client relationship with an accurate quote that includes any projected expenses, fees, or potential costs associated with your case. Book a consultation with our industry-leading private investigation team to determine an accurate estimate for your case.

Modern private investigators are equipped with various tools, programs, and extensive training, which allows them to meticulously extract digital evidence for use in civil and legal disputes. With online investigative work, clients can obtain accurate records of online activity, identify misconduct, and more. While following Federal and state requirements, a private investigator can dive into public and non-public records to explore online data archives, revealing information that was otherwise lost. A private investigator has access to much more information than civilians, granting them capabilities to thoroughly retrieve posts, conversations, searches, and other pertinent data. This data can then be used to develop court cases, prove an individual’s character, or find fraud in various circumstances.

Each of our experts can perform any necessary task, but we understand that working with female private investigators is the preferred option in some situations. A female PI can add greater levels of emotional intelligence and grace that is appreciated in delicate environments. Our director of Investigations, Holly, is highly-versed in family court testimony and forensic testimonial evidence collection, making her an excellent partner for various cases.

The necessary timeline to complete private investigation services depends primarily on the service in question and the agency you are working with. Case complexity and surrounding elements will also factor into your investigation timeframe. While professional investigators strive to be expedient, there are circumstances when it can take weeks or even months to complete an investigation. Working with an experienced team will often provide the fast, most thorough results, which is a large consideration when selecting an agency.


Mark A., Tampa, FL | Attorney, 16 years

I have worked with Southern Recon on several investigations. He is an excellent investigator who always gets the job done no matter how complex or dangerous the situation. His fees are very reasonable and he usually puts in more hours than he gets paid for in order to make sure he does a professional job. I highly recommend Southern Recon Agency.

Tina G., Ontario, Canada

Matt provided me with superior service. He handled my investigation in a very professional manner and was always available for me 24/7. He helped solve my case and provided me with accurate evidence proving the suspicion of my husband’s infidelity. I highly recommend his services. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for his services!

Chris G., Tampa, Fl

I requested a background investigation on person that I was looking to conduct business with. I corresponded with the professionals at the Agency over email and the telephone. At no time, was I confused or concern about the process of this investigation. The process was thoroughly explained. Matt Aubin potentially saved me thousands of dollars by giving me an accurate understanding of who I was looking to do business with. Needless to say, I will not be conducting any business with this individual. I am extremely grateful for the work performed by Matt and the agency. It was worth every penny. The level of service provided exceeded my expectations.

Donnie C., Orlando, Fl

These folks are professional and will get results for you quickly. They are not the run of the mill grinding hours for billing people that often fill this profession. Thanks!